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Tech Tip: ImagePRO 2

Imagepro 2 not sending image to LED processor, but EDID detects source output.

Just thought we'd share a recent experience - one of those obvious moments that can be easily overlooked or forgotten, a scenario that can easily stump novice video techs.

Preface: As a best practice, it is protocol to make all your connections, both input and output, before energizing components or consoles.

This appears to be particularly important with the Barco ImagePRO 2. During a recent install, we were sending a signal directly from a Barco E2 to a Evision HD101 LED Processor when we decided to install an ImagePRO for better scaling support. I dropped in the unit and energized it while I waited for the V1 to drop me an HDMI out of the E2. Once that was done, I ran an HDMI from the ImagePRO 2 to the HD101 and started the configuration.

The ImagePRO display confirmed EDID detected the E2 and the HD101 display confirmed that EDID detected the ImagePRO. But after an hour of trying to get an image from the E2 on the LED wall, the best we could do was get a Test Pattern from the ImagePRO to work.

After swapping cables, ports, sources and trying everything we could think of, I finally resorted to "tried and true" and power-cycled the units. Voila, it worked. That's when I happened to find the QuickStart card which clearly states connecting inputs and outputs before turning it on.

Perhaps if any video experts that may read this post would like to comment on "why," I'd certainly be interested, but I'm sure it is an EDID of bus thing. Any other thoughts or remarks, I encourage you to share below in the comments section.

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