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Basic Stagehand Toolkits

Updated: Jul 23, 2022

Stagehand & Audiovisual Technician Tools

A stagehand or technician's tool kit or workbox is often as unique as the person that owns it. As they learn new tricks or devise ways to overcome challenges, their tools and gadgets will demonstrate the breadth of their experience. Therefore, it's important to emphasi ze that this guide should only be used as a reference for new techs preparing their first kits or techs that are deciding their path of specialization.

A good event professional will always verify the scope of work they are expected to accomplish and tool themselves accordingly. 

General AV Technician (Basic)

Work Gloves

Crescent Wrench

Black Sharpie

Electrical Tape


Screwdriver, Flat Head

Screwdriver, Phillips Head

Allen (Hex) Wrench

Measuring Tape

Scenic Carpenter (Basic)

Lighting Tech (Basic)

LED Technician (Basic)

Truss Tools

Personal Protection Gear (Ground)

Personal Protection Gear (Aerial)

Recommended Add-ons

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