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Crew Member Skills & Experience Assessment

Thank you for your interest in joining our roster of audiovisual technicians, stagehands, camera operators and engineers.


Our novel approach to crewing centers around our matching system using a number of data points collected from you, our clients, and your success on projects.  To ensure you're matched with the right opportunities and the best use of your skills and talents, we ask you to fill out the form below as accurately as possible.

Applying for membership as:

We are looking for new local labor crew partners looking for sales and marketing, regulatory compliance and payroll administration support.  Please indicate if you are a member or operate a local labor crew.

Employment Class

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Crew Member Information

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The information we gather here is used to review your work experience and associations to verify your answers above.  We do not share your information beyond what we have described in our privacy policy linked at the bottom of this page.

Resume Upload

Please provide a copy of your resume to aid the review and verifiction process

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Your home airport code helps us to determine which team is closest to you.  Please use your local airports (ie: San Francisco Intl Airport = SFO

Crew Member Qualifications

Do you have Standhand training or experience
What is your level of experience
Have Audiovisual training or experience?
What is your level of experiencce
Production Managemen Experience:
Do you have CAD Experience
Do you have any certifications
Are you willing to travel?
Valid Drivers License
Can you drive a 26' Box Truck
Are you vaccinated against Covid-19?
Crew Lead Experience
Are you Incorporated?
Own Business Insurance
Do you own your own gear?
Owner Gear

Production Qualifications

Video Positions
Audio Positions
Lighting Positions
Camera Positions
LED Training & Skills
Video Training & Skills
Audio Training & Skills
Lighting Training & Skills
Camera Training & Skills
Projection Training & Skills

Professional References & Referral Info

Legal Notices

By signing below, you affirm you have provided factual information and understand your responsibilities and rights, according to the laws and regulations governing your jurisdiction.

Thanks for submitting!

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