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Proforce Solutions is a full-service, end-to-end solution for crewing and staffing live and hybrid events.  We offer a broad range of dynamic and scalable contingent workforce solution and specialize in serving the event services industry.


Our roster includes audiovisual, lighting and led wall technicians, scenic carpenters, arena riggers, camera and video operators, technical directors, lighting designers, and stage managers.


The company was founded and molded by industry veterans from event production management, event marketing, talent management, union payroll and transportation logistics.  More importantly, every person on our management staff and crew operations team has been, or is currently still a professional stagehand or audiovisual technician.  Each individual brings a unique perspective to the challenge of finding, recruiting and managing a contingent workforce of skilled and experienced technologists, delivering quality work at reasonable cost and encouraging stakeholder engagement.  Together, we share the same vision for managing our client's labor resources and maximizing the impact of their labor budget. 


We believe you'll be impressed by our unique approach to centralizing administration, compliance, operations and payroll, decentralizing recruitment, training, staffing, and crew leadership.  We also introduce a scalable and configurable SME pods consisting of audiovisual generalists and department specialists.  We rolled our a scope-based, multi-tiered pay rate schedule and peer leadership initiative that supports our innovative approach to crewing.

Allow us understand you challenges and we'll work with you to ideate an ideal solution,

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