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Stagehand Lingo

Updated: Apr 4

Are you new to event production? Have you been listening in on stagehand conversations and feel like you're on the outside of some inside joke? Well, here's a short list of some of the colloquial terms and phrases we often use, their meanings, and their actual meaning.

"Best Gig Ever!"

"Worst gig ever!"

"We only want to do this 'twice' once!"

"First we do it the Producer's way, then we'll do it the right way."

Work (Setup) Blacks

Black pants, black t-shirt or polo, black shoes (the entire right side of a stagehand's closet)

Show Blacks

Black slacks, black button-up shirt, black shoes (the other side of a stagehand's closet).

Dress Blacks

Black slacks, black coat, black tie, comfortable black dress shoes (usually balled-up in the stagehand's trunk or on the floor of their closet.


Oversized-size road case filled with every tool ever used, every adapters for any connection ever invented, every custom contraption ever imagined, food menus from every city ever visited. The workbox is a 500-pound security blanket on wheels.

Gack Box

A smaller road case filled with random crap we couldn't fit in the Workbox.


The only tool you won't find in the workbox (but you will find it in every lighting tech's pocket.

Left-handed or Metric C-Wrench